Swiss Theatre Encounter 2018

Each year the Schweizer Theatertreffen takes place in a different region. Zurich hosts this year’s festival from 23 to 27 May.

Three theatres in Zurich have associated with the festival as this year’s hosts: Schauspielhaus, Neumarkt Theater and Bernhard Theater. The Theatre Encounter’s central purpose is to present to an open-minded audience the diversity of Swiss theatre with its different languages, each with its own distinct culture. Remarkable productions from various parts of the country are thus on display this year. In addition, the supporting programme offers several parallel events, aimed at theatre professionals as well as at new audiences.
As part of the festival, the Federal Office of Culture will present the Swiss Theatre Awards 2018 in the Schauspielhaus on 24 May.

The following productions have been invited to this year’s Swiss Theatre Encounter:

«Fünf Gründe warum Delfine böse Tiere sind» by KNPV
An action-packed black comedy about how a moral bank robbery leads to chaos. This virtuoso puppet show is spiked with cinematic references, such as quick changes of scene, video clips and slow-motion sequences.

«Grimmige Märchen» by Schauspielhaus Zürich
A bouncing sofa cushion in the living room flings the exuberant ensemble straight into a revue of more than 60 of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales – and the audience follows gladly into this strange enchanted world.

Luzerner Theater_White Out _©Ingo Hoehn
Luzerner Theater_White Out _©Ingo Hoehn

«Transumanze» by Teatro delle Radici
The text has been stripped down to a minimum: a series of tales tinged with nostalgia. No plot: instead on-stage frames containing bodies bruised by loss, abandonment and separation, filled with enchantment and disenchantment.

«White Out – Begegnungen am Ende der Welt» by Luzerner Theater
The brightness created by snow-covered ground and subdued sunlight peeping through fog or clouds makes people lose all sense of direction. A metaphor for resignation as the end of the world draws nigh. Yet hope glimmers through the fog.

«Beute Frauen Krieg» by Schauspielhaus Zürich
This production relates the story of the Trojan War from the point of view of the women suffering from it. The distinguished actors whisper, lament, analyse and expose power-hungry men in «fake news» mode.

«Les Luttes intestines» by Cie L’homme de dos
«Internal Wars» stages a faecal revolution. Our gut contains billions of bacteria, and this intestinal flora plays an important role in taking decisions. A funny, respectfully disrespectful production that turns the unities of drama upside down.

«Quitter la terre» by Cie SNAUT
This play comes up with the radical solution of freeing the earth of its inhabitants for the time it needs to recover. An oblivious group of earth-dwellers is put into orbit in space capsules, while the others are sterilised and left to die off.

«Mesure pour mesure» by Think Tank Theater and «La bisbetica domata» by LuganoInScena were also invited to the festival, but for technical reasons neither can be shown at the Theatertreffen.

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Quitter la Terre_SNAUT_©Morel Quattropani
Quitter la Terre_SNAUT_©Morel Quattropani