Swiss Theatre meets in Valais

The sixth edition of the Swiss Theatre Encounter will take place from 22 to 26 May 2019 in the canton of Valais. The Festival will present seven theatre productions from both institutional and independent theatres.

The jury of the Swiss Theatre Encounter chose remarkable productions from different linguistic regions, a selection that highlights the importance of words and of a direct interpellation with the audience. In addition, the festival offers a free parallel programme, with roundtables and workshops on current issues and topics, such as a discussion on international exchange and cooperation.
As part of the festival events, the Swiss Theatre Awards Ceremony will take place on 24 May 2019 at the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey.

The jury’s selection:

«Phèdre!» by François Gremaud, 2b Company, Lausanne; 22 May at Théâtre Les Halles in Sierre.
A guest speaker gets carried away by his passion for Racine’s Phèdre – just as Phèdre gets carried away by her love for Hippolyte.

«Gaia Gaudi» by Gardi Hutter & Co, Zurich & Lugano; 22 May at La Poste in Visp.
A physical, musical, tragic-comic play about the generation gap by Gardi Hutter, her daughter, her son and her daughter-in-law. What can be done when young people demand to take over, but their elders don’t want to retire?

«Antigone :: Comeback» by Bernhard Mikeska (Raum+Zeit), Theater Chur; 23 to 26 May at Théâtre de Valère in Sion.
An individual virtual reality play during which the spectator is on stage and sees through his glasses a rehearsal of «Antigone». The challenge begins when the actors and the director start speaking directly to the spectator. Should (s)he respond?

«Sara – Mon histoire vraie (1)» by Ludovic Chazaud, Cie Jeanne Föhn, Lausanne; 23 May at Théâtre Les Halles in Sierre.
Chazaud leads an ambiguous investigation about his past, by meeting up with his childhood girlfriend. Together they remember and reconstruct former times, from sinister to nice memories, forgetting sometimes the unforgettable.

«Café Populaire» by Nora Abdel-Maksoud, Theater Neumarkt, Zürich; 25 May at La Poste in Visp.
Why does the theatre allow us to laugh so easily about the poor? Because they can’t buy themselves a ticket. The play distributes punchlines with delight, and reaches its targets so easily, that the audience feels hit hard. What more can you ask for in a comedy?

«Coco – Ein Transgendermusical» by Stefan Huber, Konzert Theater Bern; 25 May at Théâtre Les Halles in Sierre.
This vigorous musical play pays tribute to the most famous transgender woman in Switzerland. Between lightness and tragedy, comedy and suffering, an intelligent and moving theatrical evening, marked by great societal relevance.

«Les Misérables» by Eric Devanthéry, Cie Utopia, Geneva; 26 May at Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey.
Devanthéry defends a theatre that fulfills a civic duty, based on the strength of the text and the actors. By addressing popular French musical repertoire, the play discusses the misery of modern society but also shares with the audience the strength of humankind to resist and to overcome its problems.

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