Swiss Window in Asia

On the initiative of Pro Helvetia, four dance and theatre companies are touring throughout Asia, giving more than 50 shows in 17 different cities and 8 countries.

The longest trip with the most stops is taken by Asphalt Piloten with their witty and rebellious «Tape Riot». The performance builds on the reality of urban space and the daily flow of those who inhabit it. Initially it merely causes the spectators’ gaze to shift slightly, prompting silent curiosity: Is this normal? Is this real? Two dancers disrupt the pace of passers-by pushing the degree of dissociation still further.
The second traveler is Daniel Hellmann with his solo-project «Full Service», in which he explores, negotiates and if possible also fulfills his visitors’ wishes. «Full Service» puts the capitalist matrix of negotiation on full display: desire and fulfilment, personal resources and their exploitation are all explored to the maximum.
The company PENG! Palast shows «#membersonly», a work inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s movie «Fight Club». In this production PENG! Palast deals with the alleged freedom and self-determination of generation Y in a critical way. The project was built from the actors’ own biographies, daily routines and experiences in badly paid side jobs, smelly and stuffy kick boxing basements and cosy support groups.

Foofwa d'Imobilité_Histoires Condansées_©Simon Letellier/CSS
Foofwa d’Imobilité_Histoires Condansées_©Simon Letellier/CSS

And Foofwa d’Imobilité will illuminate stages in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou with his famous piece «Histoires Condansées», charting the history of dance in a one-man performance-lecture. Bursting with anecdotes, he rumbustiously decodes the myriad forms of dance that have been created over the last 125 years and that are still being used today. He quite literally walks the talk by singing the music himself, describing the costumes and stage design and proving that the history of dance is alive and kicking.

«Tape Riot» by Asphalt Piloten
23-24 September: Hanoi (VN)
20-30 September: Ho Chi Minh City (VN)
1 October Busan Festival, Busan (KR)
5-6 October: SSAF Festival Seoul, (KR)
10 October: Suwon Festival (KR)
11 October: Art Centre, Geumcheon (KR)
14 October: Dawon Museum, Anson (KR)
19-20 December: Fang Mae Khon, Vientiane (LA)
16-17 December: Chonqing (CN)
13 December: Chengdu (CN)

Peng!Palast_Fight Palast_©company
Peng!Palast_Fight Palast_©company

«Full Service» by Daniel Hellmann
4-5 November: Zou-no-hana, Yokohama (JP)
8-9 November: Pineapple.Lab, Manila (PH)
10-11 November: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (HK)
14-15 November: Bangkok Theatre Festival, Bangkok (TH)

«FIGHT! Palast #membersonly»
10-11 November: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (HK)
15-17 November: BIPAM, Bangkok Theatre Festival, Bangkok (TH)

«Histoires Condansées» by Foofwa d’Imobilité
27 November: Fringe Festival, Shenzhen
28-29 November: Times Museum, Guangzhou
1-3 December: ACT Shanghai International Theater Festival, Shanghai