«Jungspund» – Festival for Youngsters

Switzerland has a new national theatre festival for young audiences: From 21 February to 3 March, 2018, the first edition of «Jungspund» («Youngster») will take place in St. Gallen.

Over this ten-day period, remarkable productions in terms of content and style will be presented for children, adolescents, young adults and families. This initial season of the jungspund festival will feature exclusively Swiss companies and solo performers. Twelve productions have been invited, including two premieres and two co-productions. Most of them were produced in German-speaking Switzerland, but the French and Italian-speaking cantons will also be represented. A series of workshops and discussion rounds will complement the theatre programme. The festival centre in the Lokremise St. Gallen will offer daily opportunities for people to become acquainted, to exchange ideas and to have fun.

On 24 February, 10.00 – 13.30, nine additional companies and individual artists will present their work in a showcase for theatre professionals. All programmers are cordially invited to this networking event including lunch and informal exchange with the artists.

The following 12 productions can be seen at the festival:

21 & 22 February «Das Lehrerzimmer – eine Passion», Vorstadttheater Basel, from 10 years
A look inside a school’s most secret place

22 & 24 February
 «Eins Zwei Drei Vorbei», Figurentheater St. Gallen, from 4 years
A world of plasticine emerges and vanishes again

22 & 23 February «Herzwerk – was Freude macht und Leiden schafft», TRIAD Theatercompany, from 10 years.
Four scientists explore how people become passionate

23 & 24 February «Ehrensache», bravebühne Winterthur, from 14 years
Young people take a weekend trip to Geneva – and a murder occurs

24 & 25 February «Block 47C», Peter/Wettstein, from 6 years
If things sound bad and go wrong, then it’s time to improvise

25 & 26 Febr «Knapp e Familie», Theater Sgaramusch, from 7 years
What do adults say about children when they are absent?

27 & 28 February «Mein Name ist Schaf», Peter Rinderknecht, from 6 years
A sheep searches for its very own name

27 & 28 February
«Räuberhände», Theater St. Gallen, from 14 years
Two friends travel to Istanbul

1 & 2 March «Hocus Pocus», Cie Philippe Saire, from 7 years
A dance between shadow and light

1 & 2 March
«Krieg – stell dir vor er wäre hier», bravebühne Winterthur, from 12 years
Fleeing Switzerland before the war

2 & 3 March «.h.g. », Trickster-p, from 9 years
A journey through the dream world of Hansel and Gretel

3 March «5 Gründe warum Delfine böse Tiere sind», KNPV, from 16 years
How a moral bank robbery leads to chaos

Further information: jungspund.ch