Vidy says «Grüezi Züri!»

Théâtre de Vidy has built a bridge across the Swiss language border «Röstigraben» in inviting creative and dynamic Zurich artists to perform there from 24 to 29 April 2018.

In recent years, several collaborations have been established between Théâtre de Vidy and performing artists from Zurich. This time, the Lausanne theatre has set aside a full week whose principal focus is on the work of its Swiss German neighbours. The programme is framed by a discussion about the city of Zurich and its development, an exhibition by the visual artist Cat Tuong Nguyen and a Zurich Pocket Party.

The following productions can be seen at «Grüezi Züri!» in Théâtre de Vidy:

Martin Zimmermann, «Eins Zwei Drei» 24 April – 8 May
An acrobatic and absurd tragicomedy, in which the contemporary version of a clown trio takes centre stage: the white-faced clown with his dignified airs, the impudent Auguste, and the prankster who disrupts everything.

Jessica Huber/James Leadbitter: «Tender Provocation of Hope & Fear», 25 April
An evening of performance, presentations, music and art – tender, provocative and involved. It gathers together artists who work on, reflect about and have experienced hope and fear.

Arnold/Komarov/Schröder, «Karl Marx. Das Kapital als Musical», 27 – 29 April
Celebrating the 200 year anniversary of Karl Marx in a musical. «Das Kapital» remains a major work, complex and little read, especially by those it concerns – the most disadvantaged.

Phil Hayes, «Work», 27 – 29 April
A kind of choreographic office inhabited by six exemplary performers. As they attempt to decode the invisible rules of their work, the telephones won’t stop ringing and the documents remain piled up.

Phil Hayes_Work_©Niklaus Spoerri
Phil Hayes_Work_©Niklaus Spoerri