Zirka Zirkus 2019

This small but appealing festival of contemporary circus, which takes place in Basel, is celebrating its second season. From 26 November to 8 December, Kaserne Basel and Station Circus again invite audiences to discover the world of circus.

This year’s programme provides a panorama of current performances at the intersection of circus, performance art, theatre, dance, music, visual arts as well as light and media design. It presents an artistic variety that ranges from renowned companies like Gravity & Other Myths to aspiring young artists such as Marc Oosterhoff from Switzerland.

26 & 27 November, Kaserne Basel
Gravity & Other Myths: «A Simple Space»

30 November, Station Circus
DröscherFelberWey: «Kolorit (Tryout)»

30 November & 1 December, Kaserne Basel
Alexander Vantournhout: «Red Haired Men»

7 December, Kaserne Basel
Marc Oosterhoff/Cie Moost: «Les Promesses de l’incertitude»

7 & 8 December, Station Circus
Juan Ignacio Tula & Stefan Kinsman / Cie MPTA: «Santa Madera»

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