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Jessica Huber

Recent productions have concentrated on darkness and light, exchange and sharing, as the current long-term project about concepts of fear and hope.

Compagnie Sam Hester

Central to its artistic research are the issue of sexual identity and the relationship between narration and abstraction in choreographic work.

Cie József Trefeli

Trefeli has worked with several dance companies for more than 20 years and toured his creations in Australia, America, Africa and Europe.

Marcel Schwald

Communication ist Marcel Schwald’s subject. His works speak directly to the audience, establishing rapport with them and engaging them in discussion.

Delgado Fuchs

The company explores different aspects of being and the human body with an emphasis on metamorphoses, versatility and transdisciplinary art forms.

Martin Schick

Martin Schick is a multi-media performance and dance artist whose conceptual elements are intrinsic to his experimental, playful and humorous works.

Marie-Caroline Hominal

Her artistic practice includes text, music, dance, performance and video and has resulted in numerous partnerships in Switzerland and abroad.

Daniel Hellmann

Dance and theatre artist, singer and performer Daniel Hellmann focuses his work on the human body and deals with sex, human rights and animal rights.

Tabea Martin

Her dance productions focus on individuals in their environment, questioning what makes people choose one thing rather than another.