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Cie Yasmine Hugonnet 

Hugonnet develops her dance language with a focus on posture, attention and imagination. Her latest productions have toured internationally.

Cie Philippe Saire

A key player in the Swiss contemporary dance scene, Philippe Saire has produced in situ performances, short films and workshops.

Joshua Monten

Using a playful, complex and athletic choreographic language, Monten combines dance with varied ingredients like sign language and stage combat.

Compagnie Nicole Seiler

Recent creations include a cycle of performances centred around the relationship between image and sound, cinema, descriptions and memories.

Compagnie 7273

Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon have developed a unique dance style and created about 20 pieces, all of which they toured internationally.

La Ribot Ensemble

A dancer, choreographer and radically trans-disciplinary artist who utilises live performance, video, writing, object contruction and installations.

Compagnie Linga

With more than 40 creations behind them, Company Linga has become an artistic entity whose talent is internationally recognised.

Compagnie Sam Hester

Central to its artistic research are the issue of sexual identity and the relationship between narration and abstraction in choreographic work.

Cie József Trefeli

Trefeli has worked with several dance companies for more than 20 years and toured his creations in Australia, America, Africa and Europe.