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Pintozor Prod.

Pintozor Prod. is a multi-disciplinary collective offering immersive experiences: the creators create performances, sound walks, podcasts and installations. They meet the younger generation through workshops in which the imaginary and the science-fiction have a central place. [caption id="attachment_12884" align="aligncenter" width="768"] «Kit de survie en territoire masculiniste» ©Laure Degroote[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_12885" align="aligncenter" width="768"] «Kit de survie en territoire masculiniste» ©Laure Degroote[/caption] Contact: Joanne Buob, anomalien@pintozor.org Featured Image: «Kit de survie en territoire masculiniste» © Laure Degroote    

Arnold & Komarov Travelling Theatre

Arnold & Komarov create explicitly accessible performances for various locations in public space. Socially relevant, even heavy topics come across unpretentiously, with humour and poise. Music is a vital part of their projects. Currently, they work with oral traditions and collect memories, which they condense and stage. By exploring formats that enable the spectators to interact, they dismantle hierarchies between stage and audience. They regularly perform abroad and were part of the Swiss Selection Edinburgh 2022. [caption id="attachment_12936" align="aligncenter" width="768"] «Shame On You!» ©Kirill Agafonov[/caption] [caption id="attachment_12935" align="aligncenter" width="768"] «Death Songs – The Great Nightgown Of Memory» ©Lorenzo Pusterla[/caption] Contact: Trixa Arnold, trixa.arnold@bluewin.ch Featured Image: «Shame On You!» ©Kirill Agafonov  

Teresa Vittucci

Teresa Vittucci is a Vienna born, Zurich based dancer and performer. Since 2013 she has been developing a solo performance practice.

Compagnie Sturmfrei

Founded by the artist and director Maya Bösch, Compagnie Sturmfrei creates artistic works in the field of theatre, performance, installations and more.

Ntando Cele / Manaka Empowerment Prod.

Ntando Cele uses a mix of humour, charm and exuberance to explore black and white identity, racism, stereotypes and prejudice from different perspectives.

Ruth Childs / Scarlett’s

With her company Scarlett’s, the Geneva-based dancer/performer/musician Ruth Childs develops her own work through dance, performance, film and music.

Cie Yan Duyvendak

Yan Duyvendak decodes representations of reality, demonstrating the impact of images and social codes. They do so with humour and seriousness.

Boris Nikitin

Boris Nikitin is a director, author and installation artist, who focuses on the construction of reality and the borders between illusion and fact.


As an artistic research project involving different art forms, Trickster-p have expanded their definition of theatre to dispense with genre boundaries.