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Ntando Cele / Manaka Empowerment Prod.

Ntando Cele uses a mix of humour, charm and exuberance to explore black and white identity, racism, stereotypes and prejudice from different perspectives.


The internationally renowned productions of CapriConnection are characterized by the interweaving of documentary texts with music and images.

Ruedi Häusermann

The composer and director Ruedi Häusermann has developed his own language of music theatre, creating a poetic, ambiguous microcosm in his productions.

Corinne Maier

Detailed expeditions and research often begin Maier’s documentary theatre work, in which she examines the reflection of important topics on individual lives.


Joël Maillard puts his signature on the plays of SNAUT, in which the theme of disappearance (of the individual, humanity, the desire to belong) is central.


This collective creates pieces that combine theatre and puppetry. The humorous stories are staged with rapid cuts, switching from play to narration and video.

Dimitri de Perrot

The solo works of this artist, musician and director as well as his collaborations with Martin Zimmermann have toured internationally in renowned venues.

Cie Marielle Pinsard

The company has presented numerous shows, performances, workshop-shows and staged readings created by the author and director Marielle Pinsard.

Phil Hayes

Production label for performances by Phil Hayes and his regular collaborators Lukas Piccolin, Julia Hintermüller, Katharina Balzer and Susanne Hofer.