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Theater Sgaramusch

Theater Sgaramusch is a professional children’s theatre whose story-telling, dance and theatre illuminate both timeless topics and current affairs.

Cie Philippe Saire

A key player in the Swiss contemporary dance scene, Philippe Saire has produced in situ performances, short films and workshops.

Compagnie Nicole Seiler

Recent creations include a cycle of performances centred around the relationship between image and sound, cinema, descriptions and memories.

Tabea Martin

Her dance productions focus on individuals in their environment, questioning what makes people choose one thing rather than another.

Eugénie Rebetez

Her work centres on the human body through her artistic persona, expressing itself completely while revealing the complexity and ambivalence of being oneself.

Lea Moro

A choreographer and performer, whose works have been performed in Switzerland and abroad. She has been nominated as a talented choreographer in “tanz” magazine.

Joshua Monten

Using a playful, complex and athletic choreographic language, Monten combines dance with varied ingredients like sign language and stage combat.

junges theater basel

Dealing with contemporary issues, junges theater basel has a constantly changing approach, post-dramatic works alternating with dance and text theatre.