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Programme Commun

Performances, films, exhibitions, conferences, parties, workshop and a salon of artists. Circulate between various venues and different artistic disciplines to discover the work of both renowned and emerging artists from the different regions of Switzerland and Europe.

Different LocationsLausanne, Switzerland


Hominal / Öhrn

by Marie-Caroline Hominal

Two artists who steal the roles and the identities of each other. Ideas about the power of sadomasochistic relationships are at the heart of this project. Rules are defined according to a specific protocol and serve as a guideline and standard when the egos of two people clash.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland


Monkey Dreams

by T42dance

A children's dance piece. Can we assume that when a child is born, his or her mind is a carte blanche? And when we have grown up, we ask ourselves what has shaped us and want to be a child once again, stripping away the layers, allowing the unexpected to happen.

Dschungel WienWien, Austria


Luxe, calme

by Théâtre de Vidy

Just like the Romantics of yesteryear, those who seek to die by assisted suicide in Switzerland will find comfortable rooms in palaces with views on breath-taking, ideal and tender landscapes , whose serene and sublime quality heralds death.

Théâtre de VidyLausanne, Switzerland



by 2b Company

Prompted by a research project, two artists digress on the notion of «partition». Between poetry, rigour, conifers and whistle blasts, their performance lecture brings into play the winding paths taken by artistic thought.

Maif Social ClubParis, France


Le dernier Métro

by Dorian Rossel / Cie STT

Based on François Truffaut's «The Last Metro», a film with disturbing parallels to our time. Faced with a seemingly omnipresent re-emergence of extremism, a fear for the future, and with the threat of war looming, will we, like the film characters, be able to discover escape routes?

Théâtre Forum MeyrinGeneva,